Rojava Plan


Look, the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) has enacted a total embargo against Rojava which makes it impossible to bring anybody over the border at the moment.


The border with Bakur (Turkish-occupied Kurdistan) is also not an option because of the war going on there.


We are making a list of all the people who want to come. You can still apply but we don't know how long it will be before we can bring people over again. This is a war and it's impossible to plan in advance.


Rojava is the start. There is lots to do. We need skilled and revolutionary people who are motivated. We need specialists of all kinds.

Rojava is a New Revolutionary Confederation

Rojava is an autonomous region in north Syria. The region gained its autonomy in the summer of 2012 in the process of the Syrian uprising, establishing a society based on principles of direct democracy, gender equity, and sustainability. Rojava consists of the three cantons called Jazira, Kobani and Afrin.

Listen: We get lots of messages from people who have not read this site. Before you send us a message, go through and read everything. This is serious business, and if you send a one liner email without having read the info here then you are wasting our time and leaving a bad impression. We want serious people to come.

What You Should Expect

Coming to Rojava is a big decision, and you should understand fully what you are getting into so you feel prepared.

This is a revolution, not a Facebook event.

Also bear in mind that:

  • We do not pay volunteers.
  • You should aim for 6 months or more.
  • We do not accept tourists. People join these projects.
  • We all desire true freedom. We work towards this goal.

Get Started With The Guide

To get started, follow this guide:

  1. What You Can Do Here
  2. Learn the Kurdish Language
  3. Preparing Yourself and Packing List
  4. The Journey Here
  5. What To Expect
  6. I’m Ready To Come

You should study the information above so that you can fully understand the situation you are about to enter.

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